Olsztyn – Galeria Usługa

Located near to the castle, this is an interesting location, part cafe and seemingly part shop, although I never quite worked out why there is a retail area in the middle of it.

The interior was modern and the counter area is located towards the rear of the building, past the little retail element.

The floral decoration at the table. The staff member was personable and helpful, although the ordering process wasn’t entirely clear to me (it rarely is, I think I’m just an idiot). So I just randomly stood around the counter area and then ordered at the counter anyway, and this plan worked.

The interior was warm and comfortable, and there were a succession of people entering the cafe. I hadn’t realised until I was leaving that they did food, which did look rather appetising.

My latte, rich in flavour, and I always appreciate the addition of a biscuit. Every drink should come with a little snack, this is the brave new world that I aspire that we will have one day.

The cafe has a decent location, although the exterior isn’t perhaps as inviting as it might be to tourists. The latte cost around £2 in UK money, which is competitive given the central part of Olsztyn that it’s situated in.