Norwich – Plasterers Arms

This is one of my favourite pubs in the city, definitely deserving its position in the Good Beer Guide. It’s in a residential area and this is one of those pubs which could have easily been lost over recent years, especially since Adnams sold it in 2011 and it is only due to good pub management that it survived. It is formerly a Morgans, then Bullards and then Watney Mann pub, but is now free trade and its future seems much more secure.

Titanic are one of my favourite breweries and it’s a delight to see something a little rarer from them, which is this Chocolate and Vanilla stout. As a drink, it’s beautiful, a lovely smooth rich beer with the chocolate and vanilla being evident without being overpowering. The service in the pub was friendly and there’s always a relaxed feel to the proceedings.

The former location of the pub’s bar billiards table….. It’s the removal of this which has also coincided with my not visiting the pub as much, it seems a shame to have lost such a wonderful piece of gaming and the pub’s web-site still has the bar billiards table as their main image on the front page (NB, as a more recent comment, it doesn’t now, the web-site is now also bar billiards less).

Voodoo Daddy’s was once the supplier of pizzas here and although they’ve moved on, the pub still sells pizzas and also loaded fries. It’s a while since I’ve eaten at the pub, something I must rectify later on in 2020.

The choice of beers here rarely disappoints me, and I’m not sure that I can remember when it did actually disappoint me…. The staff are knowledgeable and engaging, so the environment always feels welcoming. All rather lovely.