Norwich – Paolo’s Restaurant and the Bin

I saw in the local press a couple of weeks ago that Norwich City Council has taken the initiative to place a bin right outside a restaurant, just under their menu board. This seems an unkind and unhelpful thing to do given that the owner of the restaurant has said that the council didn’t bother to tell him that they were planning to do this.

The EDP reported that the owner said:

“I’m a struggling business as it is, as lots are at the moment, so this is just so frustrating. Since the bin has moved people have been standing smoking outside the restaurant and the noise when bins are emptied is horrendous – it just doesn’t help me at all. There’s no point in me having tables and chairs outside at the moment because it’s too cold but in the summer it’s an important part of our business. Now, who is going to want to sit right next to a bin?”

He seems very sensible and it seems that the council haven’t bothered to do anything about it. It’s unclear to me why they can’t put the bin in a location on the other side of the road, which is outside of their own offices…..