Newcastle – Newcastle Airport (Greggs)

Well, how marvellous, a 24-hour Greggs at Newcastle airport. Despite it being 3.30am the staff were friendly, welcoming and engaging, an impressive effort. And I was moderately surprised that the prices of the fine Greggs food isn’t much more expensive than the standard pricing at high street shops.

A large latte and a packet of Cheese Puffs, just what any traveller needs before their long journey. And, both were free with the Greggs rewards app, so it’s a win win for the hungry traveller.

I note the TripAdvisor review of this fine outlet which said:

“Staff are more interested in conducting their social life and exchanging banter with each other than serving customers. I am surprised that Greggs continues to be so successful because all the stores have similar issues in my experience.”

I suspect that Greggs are so successful simply because their staff are friendly and exchanging banter, and I’ve never been to one where they haven’t been serving customers…. Anyway, all very lovely, and every airport in the country should perhaps (well, not perhaps) have a Greggs in it.