Memphis – Memphis Pyramid

The Memphis Pyramid, known as the Great American Pyramid when it was constructed, is hard to miss from its riverside location in the city.

Of course, everything in the United States is understated…… Anyway, this immense structure was constructed between 1989 and 1991 and was designed to be used as a sports arena. It’s certainly like no sports arena that I’ve seen before, which was perhaps half its problem, as ultimately the NBA team in Memphis built a new and more suitable stadium for itself elsewhere in the city. After a period of closure and since 2015, the building has been used as an outdoors store in what is perhaps the most impressive of backdrops possible.

I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from an outdoor shop, but I’m certain it wasn’t what I was about to experience. This is the 28-storey lift to the top, which is the tallest freestanding elevator in the country.

Some of the scenery within the pyramid, which is designed to look like an outdoor wilderness environment.

Complete with a bear.

And rocks.

And trees and huts…..

There is a point to all this water, this is one of the boats which is for sale. The main tenant in the building is Bass Pro, who specialise in selling fishing, hunting and boating gear and there are large stocks of all of these here.

This boat isn’t for sale as it has alligators around it.

Because of course every outdoors store needs alligators everywhere….

And the store’s subtle little fish tank, with feeding demonstrations taking place at pre-set times.

I thought I might have a ten-minute walk around this pyramid, but I stayed for a couple of hours exploring it and I remember needing a quick lunch whilst I was there. There’s a hotel here as well, and there are plans to expand the site and perhaps introduce more rooms to the hotel. Although for those who can’t wait for that, it’s now possible to spend the night in the pyramid by glamping.