Malta – Gozo – Victoria – New Museum

I visited all of the museums in the Cittadella and it did seem that some were old-fashioned and a little out of place. The buildings that they were located in were often more interesting than the contents and I wondered why they didn’t just build one single museum.

However, it seems that the city is doing just that, with this €5 million new building which will bring together the collections that Heritage Malta have, as well as give space for new exhibits and themes. It won’t be finished for another three years, but work is underway and it looks like a constructive project which will make the museum more accessible and engaging for visitors. The European Union provided the remaining funding for the project which will be the first time that Gozo has had a single museum of this type.

The museum is being built on the site of a boys’ school which recently closed, although they’ve maintaining some of this 1950s modernist structure into the new building. Hopefully I’ll get to come back in a few years to see how it looks.