Malta – Central Region – Manoel Island – Duck Village

Manoel Island is quite a quirky place and takes its name from the Grand Master who built a fort here in the early eighteenth century. At the entrance to this island, which is connected to Sliema by a small bridge, is Duck Village. I’m not quite sure what to think of this little arrangement, but there were some children there who really enjoyed it. It can all be seen from the road and there’s the option of leaving money for the owners to pay for duck food.

The ducks, chickens and cats all seemed to be living alongside each other quite happily, and it’s a harmless little enterprise. Well, so I thought until I went to TripAdvisor and saw this:

“Ramshackle run down junk compilation of scrap that is an insult to the ducks, primarily designed to relieve idiots of there hard earned pennies”.

The ducks looked quite happy to me, and if it keeps children happy, then I’m unsure why people have to throw comments around such as “idiots”. But, such is the world we live in. Photos of this experience below: