Malbork – Po Lodzie?

It’s not the warmest in Malbork today, although most of the rain has stopped, but the wind is quite persistent. Nonetheless, a cafe seemed to be a pleasant place to visit given the temperatures outside and this one near to Malbork Castle was well reviewed on-line.

I was the only customer in the cafe when I arrived, although it got a little busier later on. The service was personable and friendly, although I’m conscious I’m writing that for nearly every place that I go in Poland. The surroundings are very pink, but they were clean and warm, that sufficed my requirements.

And I’m going to pause for a moment just to remember this meringue, as it was one of the best desserts that I can recall having. The meringue was light and melted in the mouth, the fruit had been freshly prepared and ingredients I couldn’t identify added texture and to the arrangement. The latte was also of a decent quality, but it’s that meringue that will be the lingering memory. There was nothing that I could fault here.

Inevitably I’d recommend this cafe, with a friendly service, a clean environment and excellent food and drink. The drink and cake came to £4, which I thought was really rather good value for money given the quality. I’ve mentioned this with regard to other locations, but I imagine it must be very hard to get a table here during the summer months, given it’s around the corner from one of the country’s major tourist attractions.