Los Angeles

Los Angeles – Stout Burgers and Beers (Santa Monica)

This combination of a beer and burger microbrewery sounded intriguing, and since it was too hot in the sun of Santa Monica, it seemed a rather good idea. Stout have five restaurants throughout the country, of which three are in the wider Los Angeles area.

Feeling rather brave, I also decided to dine outside in what felt a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. The interior was though quite minimalist, with lots of brick and wood being visible.

The extensive drinks menu which was well balanced between the different types of beer.

There was a choice of six different stouts and I’d have been disappointed with anything less given the restaurant’s name. This is the Vanilla Cash stout, with tastes of vanilla and coffee. It’s a nitro beer, so it has a smooth texture and a beautifully smooth flavour. The taste of vanilla lingered and it complemented the burger well.

The Mr. America burger, with aged cheddar, lettuce, tomato, red onion and relish. The burger was served well done but it was still juicy and full of flavour.

Overall, this was a relatively expensive dining option, but the service was friendly, efficient and personable. The quality of the food was high and I liked how the menu gave pairing suggestions between the burgers and the beer that was available.