Shepherd's Bush

London – Shepherd’s Bush – Brewdog

Still working through the Brewdogs in the UK, the Shepherd’s Bush location has gone through a few incarnations of pubs over the years, but has been part of the Brewdog empire since 2013. This bar is well-reviewed on-line and has managed to pick up nearly no negative reviews, an impressive effort. Some of the negative reviews they have got are ridiculous, one accusing them of charging more than another pub for a beer, which was one Brewdog don’t even serve anyway.

Brewdog customer service is usually excellent and there was no exception here, with a couple of engaging and helpful staff. There was an extensive and well-measured beer selection as usual, with some interesting and exciting options. There were some tempting more expensive beers, but I managed to resist the allure of the pricey….

There’s the usual modern decor in the pub with a variety of seating, including tall tables and more comfortable lower level seating. All on-trend, clean and crisp.

This is the Plum Pudding Porter from Wiper and True, I thought it was served marginally too cold (and I hope a certain someone doesn’t read this and tut) as the flavour was just a bit weak. There were elements of coffee and plum, which were pleasant flavours, but there wasn’t much of an aftertaste. Not a bad beer at all though, I’d have just like some stronger flavours.

The environment of this Brewdog is relaxed and comfortable, although that was aided by there only being a few people in it, as that does help with the peaceful element. I’m sure it gets busy in the evenings, but I like the vibe to the bar, all seeming well managed and welcoming.