Kensington and Chelsea (Borough of)

London – Kensington and Chelsea (Borough of) – Holland Park Mews

This rather lovely looking street is located next to Holland Park itself and seems to be a quiet environment. It has 67 different properties on it and it was constructed between 1860 and 1879 as stables for the properties on either side.

Here’s how it looked in the late nineteenth century, with the stables being on the ground floor (obviously, it would be fiddly if they weren’t) and servants from the villas would live above. These have since been converted to residential properties, now with garages below. The conversions have taken place in a rather piecemeal way, as the listed building record suggests:

“Some houses unsuitably altered with ground floor remodelled or stairs removed and some without balustrades.”

I had a look at some of the property prices of the houses down here, they’re now priced at around £2 million to £4 million each. That’s some change from when they were once stables….