London – Hammersmith and Fulham (Borough of) – Craft Beer Co

This should have been the week when I finally managed to have visited every outlet in the Craft Beer Co chain, but it looks like the Prime Minister has put a stop to that. But, nearly there anyway, and I will get there…..

Unfortunately, it wasn’t as busy as it deserved to be for a pub of this class. It’s listed in the Good Beer Guide and quite deservedly so. A few customers came in, and they all seemed content with what they had, but I can’t imagine a great deal of money was being made here for a Saturday afternoon.

Nathan will mutter and tut that I say that this pub was a friendly and welcoming environment that I’d come back to. But it was, the sole staff member was engaging, conversational and keen to help. Comfortable and exciting, I liked it here. It’s interesting that the pub is located in a shopping centre, that’s unusual, but perhaps brings this type of beer to a new clientele. There are also numerous plug sockets dotted around the place which is useful.

The beer menu was excellent, lots of different beer styles and some classy options. I couldn’t stretch to the decadence of the very expensive beers, but the Some People Are Immune to Good Banana Stout from Evil Twin Brewing was a delightful treat in itself. And, I’ll do my annoying thing of saying that it was rich, with a minimal taste of banana initially until the aftertaste kicks in, along with a smoothness that meant even the slightest sip was a delight. Right, I’ll stop there. I will have to get to the Evil Twin Brewing tap room in New York….

I do hope that the Craft Beer Co can expand, they’re constantly surprising and delighting me at the moment.