Canary Wharf

London – Canary Wharf (Floating Hot Tub)

Whilst taking photos of Canary Wharf, there was a noticeable murmur of interest in what was passing by, visible in the centre of the above photo. It’s a floating hot tub, operated by Skuna Boats, which is an interesting concept, although I can think of slightly less public places to do it.

And here’s the boat and its happy occupants, without much privacy and there were a fair few people taking photos. For those not facing a hot tub boat, there’s also a BBQ boat and the theme of that is fairly self-evident. The experience lasts for ninety minutes, with 75 minutes of that being floating about in the freshwater of the hot tub, replaced after each use.

For anyone tempted, it costs between £225 and £250 per session for the entire boat, which is a bit over £30 per person if it’s at its maximum capacity of seven people. Booking is at, although I’m not entirely sure that it’s for me…… Having written that though, the reviews for this experience are very positive and it’s certainly something a little different.