London – Camden (Borough of) – Wellcome Collection

I can’t really be negative about places which don’t charge for admission, as that feels unfair. But, I really didn’t connect or engage with the Wellcome Collection at all, although I think to be fair to them, the gallery on medicine that might have interested me hasn’t re-opened yet. The staff were helpful at the entrance to the collection, although they are heavily over-staffed for the number of visitors.

The most interesting element to me was the interior design of the building. And a note on the directional arrows, they entirely confused me as they went around in circles. I think I left via the entrance door, but I have no idea as the exit just kept pointing visitors back around to where they started. It’s fair to say that I am hopeless at following directions if they’re not clear, but now the British Museum has made everything obvious, I thought I was getting there. Anyway, I digress.

I don’t have much to really write about the Being Human permanent gallery, I struggled to drag out any stories at all on anything. It was all too obscure and old-fashioned in its style for me to really engage with.

There’s a video of a McDonald’s flooding which is meant to have lots of meanings. I watched about fifteen seconds, but if anyone is enthralled by this concept, then there’s more at I’m guessing the symbolism is meant to be that McDonald’s aren’t doing enough on climate change.

These are discs which are made out of HIV positive blood. I have no idea what they’re supposed to represent, but I went to the Wellcome Collection’s web-site catalogue to find out more, but they’re not listed.

I think part of my lack of engagement is the gallery is focused on audio, and I don’t like exhibits which exclude, ideally just have both audio and text. I’m puzzled how the gallery claims they are inclusive, but there we go. It’s well-reviewed, so others liked it a lot more than I did. It was all a bit over-engineered for my liking, but maybe the Medicine Man is a bit more engaging and that re-opens in November.