Lincoln – Holiday Inn Express City Centre

Not that it’s particularly entertaining content (although to be fair, a lot of my content isn’t) but I think it’s important for me to post about how helpful hotels were for stays that I didn’t get to make during late March and early April due to the coronavirus. Every one of those hotels must be suffering and worried about its staff, so I’m going to try and get back to all of them later this year so at least none of them lose my booking. It’s not going to be much, but the hospitality industry is going to need some considerable help, not just from the Government, but also from customers returning.

Having posted about the other twelve or so hotels that offered me refunds for stays in late March and early April (I have another wave of hotels to contact for stays after that, but it’s too early yet for that), there was only one which didn’t reply at all to my e-mail. Which was this one, the Holiday Inn Express Lincoln, for a stay that had already completed (or not completed in this case). My follow-up e-mail to the hotel was promptly acknowledged by the management company, which is very much appreciated, but they’ve said they don’t have access to the reservation bookings.

I have a feeling that IHG are processing refunds and are just taking some time about doing it, which is entirely understandable and they’re not the only ones doing that. I can’t imagine many customers will mind that it’s taking some time, but hotels are going to have to tell them that otherwise they’ll have a wave of chargeback claims and the lost custom will perhaps start to bite later in the year.