Lewes – Anne of Cleves House

This property is named Anne of Cleves House and it might, at first hearing, be assumed that this is the house that Anne of Cleves lived in. Or perhaps visited. She did neither, although it did form part the divorce settlement with King Henry VIII, so there is a link. It’s not though some sort of fake name to tempt visitors in, as the property has historically been known as Anne of Cleves House.

From Herald Magazine in 1926.

I didn’t go in as I was irritated that the site decides to off-load tickets cheaply on Groupon. I don’t like that sort of set-up where people, who may not have much money, can turn up on the door and have to pay a lot more money than those who happened to have seen it on Groupon. And, Groupon charge a lot of money, so, and in just my opinion, it all seems a rather botched set-up to me. So, I changed my mind and didn’t go in.