Leek – Peak Weavers

Peak Weavers is a B&B and restaurant where we had a large booking for an evening meal. The building was once a grand private residence, more recently a convent and today it’s well maintained and has an inviting feel to it. Having said that, my first impressions weren’t entirely positive as the welcome seemed just a little stilted. However, the restaurant area was clean, tidy and organised.

This is the potted slow cooked ham hock and it was excellent, with the ham being tender, flavourful and light. The ham fell apart and it was complemented by the egg sauce which topped it in the pot. The garnish added to the presentation of the dish and there were capers which gave additional texture to the meal. The sour dough bread was light and perhaps home-made, with the price point of £7.50 being entirely realistic.

This salmon dish had a tomato crust alongside a new potato and pea shoot salad. We also had vegetables and potatoes for the table which were plentiful and which were well seasoned, although I didn’t photograph these. The portion of salmon was generous and it was perfectly cooked and had a depth of taste. The salad added texture and it was all well presented and at the appropriate temperature. For the price of £15.95 this again was perfectly priced given the additional sides which were offered.

I couldn’t find fault with the food, which I admit is quite rare for me, although I’d have liked a little more black pepper. The black pepper wasn’t on the table, but a staff member brought a pepper grinder over on request when I asked for it with the starter. I kept it for the main course, but the manager seized it and when I asked for it back the request wasn’t fulfilled. I’m a little unsure why the restaurant is so protective of its black pepper, but nonetheless, this was an excellent meal.

I liked that the menu was relatively limited in size, so that there was a focus more on quality. There wasn’t though any nod towards locally sourced ingredients on the menu, which I’d have ideally liked. The service was professional, although not particularly engaging, but the food was served promptly and we were never left waiting for service (well, I was left waiting for the black pepper, but I won’t dwell on that).

Certainly for the quality of food being offered the prices actually seemed just a little low, but I can understand the need to be remain competitive in terms of price. All very professional and I’d recommend this for a leisurely group meal.