LDWA Training Walk – Wherryman’s Way (Second Time of the Year)

I completed the 37.5 miles of Wherryman’s Way a few weeks ago with Nathan, but the calling of the wild (not that the river banks of Norfolk are that wild) was too strong so I decided to do it again. This time with Rob Newell, the 100-expert (well, he’s done two, and that’s more than me).

The start of the day didn’t begin quite as well as we would have liked, as Greater Anglia cancelled their train to Great Yarmouth. So, that meant a quick dash to the bus stop to get the First Bus to Great Yarmouth, which was on time and really useful, although it added a couple of miles onto our walking journey.

We (by we, I mean me) hoped to stop off at Greggs in Great Yarmouth before leaving and Google said it should be opening, even with their new hours. We got there, and it was shut. Livid was not the word….. But, I found a shop and bought some healthy crisps and chocolate, ready to sustain me through the day. We then walked back past Greggs and it was now open and fully stocked. Grrrrr.

Anyway, this is the start point of the 37.5 mile walk. I won’t go into huge detail, as I’ve walked it before and did that then, so will limit myself to general observations. I was slightly short on sleep and Rob had a cold, so there were times during the day when our energy waned a little. However, in general, it was all a successful meander around Norfolk and we were fortunate with the weather. It was never too hot and there was no rain at all, which was ideal.

Unlike the problems on the previous walk, there were no overgrown areas this time, so we weren’t delayed or inconvenienced. Norfolk Trails have done well, there are only some minor issues along the route, but nothing that impedes access. We were also fortunate not to see too many dangerous animals, although there were some cows on the river bank. Rob didn’t seem worried, but I was, so we dipped down onto the road to avoid them. We did though see a dead grass snake later on and although I hate snakes, I don’t like seeing any dead animal.

The Reedham ferry was busy, but as foot passengers we didn’t have to queue, unlike the cars who did have a bit of a wait. Our stop at the Co-op in Loddon was problem-free, and I was able to get a Guinness West India Porter as my lunch-time reward. From then on, there weren’t really any problems or issues, although I did put a blister plaster on my heel when I wasn’t happy it was rubbing. I’m writing this the following morning and I have no issues now, so that worked sufficiently well. We got back just as it was getting dark, knocking an hour off the time that Nathan and I did a few weeks ago.

So, another lovely day out, with 40 miles churned through for each of us during the day. Anyway, here are some photos…..