LDWA – 2021 LDWA 100 (Interview with Myself….)

On the 29 to 31 May 2021, the LDWA’s 100 mile event will be taking place. Unfortunately, national restrictions mean that the Y 100 Sir Fynwy won’t be taking place as hoped, when in more normal times the South Wales group would have welcomed hundreds of walkers. Instead, there is the chance for entrants to walk a 100-mile route of their choice anywhere in the country, so the event has more of a national feel this year. And it’s fine to enter to do a shorter distance, with anyone walking 50 miles in 24 hours qualifying for the 2022 Trans-Pennine 100.

I’m taking part in the 100 and I’ve been compiling some resources relating to that. When the new LDWA web-site is launched, this and lots more other material relating to the event will be copied there. Over the next few weeks, I’m speaking (well, writing) to entrants on the 100 and following their efforts up to, and after, the big day. We’ll be using the text from these interviews and updates on social media and also perhaps in Strider, the LDWA’s rather excellent magazine which is sent to our 10,000 members. Hopefully it’ll help inform, educate and inspire others to take part or become involved with the LDWA in other ways.

For anyone who wants to take part in the event, have a look at the SI Entries page, or further information at the LDWA’s web-site.

I’ve been absolutely inundated with messages asking me to answer my own questions. Well, I haven’t received any yet if I’m being honest, but it’s good to be pro-active in these matters.

The mud on my face isn’t because I’d fallen over during a walk, it’s because I took the photo in Liam’s car on the way home from the mud run I took part in (and was considerably brave at if I’m being honest)…..

Anyway, I’m walking this with Nathan, and he’s answered some of the questions relating to our walk. I’ve used similar questions to those I’ve sent other people, as otherwise interviewing myself would end up with me writing about craft beer and crisps. And yes, this is all a bit self-indulgent, but there we go, so is having a blog if I’m being honest.

This is your first 100, what inspired you to take part?

Because Nathan failed to give the correct answer of “no” when I asked him to take part with me. So here we are a year later stuck doing the bloody thing. And I suppose it’ll be fun.

Do you think this will be easier or harder than the actual 100 that is traditionally held?

I think it’ll be easier than the route we would have walked in the rain in South Wales which had some very big hills in it. Being from Norfolk, hills are something that would have slowed me down and exhausted me, perhaps being just too big an obstacle to deal with. There’s an element of the mental challenge as well, we’re more in control of our own route and that’s a good starting point. However, it’s a shame that we don’t have lots of checkpoints to look forwards to, although we do have a support team to help in that regard.

What food treats are you taking with you?

I’m not carrying all of these, as they’ll mostly be carried by the support team, but they will include:

Chicken bakes, sausage rolls, pork pies (no jelly), Quavers, Wotsits, Nik Naks, Monster Munch, Mini Cheddars, McCoys, Skips, Walkers Prawn Cocktail, Squares, Scampi Fries, Bacon Fries, Hula Hoops, Transform-a-Snack, Frazzles, Chipsticks, French Fries, Mars Bars, Twixes, Kit Kats, Mars Bars, Boosts, Chocolate Oranges, Double Deckers, Bounty Bars, Rolos, Munchies, Picnic Bars, Maltesers, Galaxy and Aero. That will get me by between what the support team prepare, such as pizza, chips, chicken strips, fish fingers and one cherry tomato.

Do you plan to have some decadent craft beer during the walk?

Yes. Nathan’s answer about dark beer doesn’t apply to me. I’ll want some stouts and the like at random points of the walk.

Will you get annoyed at Nathan?

Yes. That kind of annoyance will help power me on.

What tactics do you think you’ll use if you feel like giving up on the walk?

I’ll pretend that I’ve tripped over a dog and blame that for ending the walk early, so I get sympathy. It’ll be hard to be motivated at 60 miles or so, as there is so far to go, but Nathan and me have plans to talk about people who have annoyed us, so that should get us through to 80 miles. And then, it starts to feel more doable.

Are there any wildlife that you’re concerned about meeting on the walk? Sheep, cows, snakes, pigs, or anything else?!

Yes, all of the above, but especially cows. There are some along Wherryman’s Way that are the size of elephants and there are also adders along that path as well. Pigs concern me a little less. Pheasants and the like are annoying during the night as well, as they randomly jump out whilst making as much noise as possible. Frankly, I find nature quite scary at times.

Would you say you’re looking forward to it?

No. But I’m sure it’ll be fun when we get going….

Do you have a time in mind of how long it’ll take you to finish?

Ideally, 42 hours. But just finishing within 48 hours will do me. We’re starting at 06:00 on the Saturday and we’re really hoping not to have to walk through two nights, as that might just be beyond us.

How will you celebrate when you finish?

If I complete it, I’ll be on social media for at least six hours messaging everyone I know how brave I am. I will also be planning a collection time for all the craft beer Simon H is getting me. Then I’ll exhaust myself and have a sleep before waking up and replying “I know” to those people who have told me I’ve been very brave.

What would you say to anyone thinking about entering the 100, or thinking about doing a 50 mile challenge event, who might be a bit nervous?

It’s an adventure, go for it! And, there’s nothing wrong with setting a smaller target, it’s worth trying something new and that’s exciting.