LDWA – 2021 LDWA 100 (Interview with Kathy Finkel)

On the 29 to 31 May 2021, the LDWA’s 100 mile event will be taking place. Unfortunately, national restrictions mean that the Y 100 Sir Fynwy won’t be taking place as hoped, when in more normal times the South Wales group would have welcomed hundreds of walkers. Instead, there is the chance for entrants to walk a 100-mile route of their choice anywhere in the country, so the event has more of a national feel this year. And it’s fine to enter to do a shorter distance, with anyone walking 50 miles in 24 hours qualifying for the 2022 Trans-Pennine 100.

I’m taking part in the 100 and I’ve been compiling some resources relating to that. When the new LDWA web-site is launched, this and lots more other material relating to the event will be copied there. Over the next few weeks, I’m speaking (well, writing) to entrants on the 100 and following their efforts up to, and after, the big day. We’ll be using the text from these interviews and updates on social media and also perhaps in Strider, the LDWA’s rather excellent magazine which is sent to our 10,000 members. Hopefully it’ll help inform, educate and inspire others to take part or become involved with the LDWA in other ways.

For anyone who wants to take part in the event, have a look at the SI Entries page, or further information at the LDWA’s web-site.

This interview is with Kathy Finkel, who is taking part with Dennis Johnson. I very much like the idea about throwing insults to build up a rage, I might try this with Nathan on our walk. That might encourage him on.

Kathy and Dennis (that’s a V for victory!)
Is this your first time on a 100?
No I did the Hadrian 100, it rained all day Saturday and Saturday night. I did it alone but met up with another walker, we found a guy with exposure on Cross Fell and it took us 4 hours to get him to the road and off the moor. I went on to the breakfast stop but was way behind schedule and pulled out.
You’ve convinced your partner to join the LDWA and take part in the 100, was that an easy sell?
Yes and no! He’s up for a challenge though. I have sold it on the basis that at worst we can use it as a qualifier for next years 100. I have waxed lyrical about how wonderful the challenge events are…..atmosphere and camaraderie.
What route are you planning to take?
Not decided as yet, we live on the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors, I’m trying to find something as flat as possible, Julie Cribb will tell you how much I enjoy ascents and descents! I’m looking at doing the Lyke Wake Walk twice, that would be 80+ and then walking from the house.
Are you following a GPX route, a map, or do you already know your route well?
We’ll do a route I know.
What training are you undertaking at the moment?
Not enough!! At least one 20+ mile walk a week and increasing to around 30 miles once a week.
Do you think this will be easier or harder than the actual 100 that is traditionally held?
A lot harder, the camaraderie helps hugely on the organised walks.
What food treats are you taking with you?
Cold porridge with lots of honey and fruit in it, especially as Den will be carrying it!
What tactics do you think you’ll use if you feel like giving up on the walk?
Just do 5 more miles, that and encourage Den to hurl insults at me, the ensuing rage propels me on.
Are there any wildlife that you’re concerned about meeting on the walk? Sheep, cows, snakes, pigs, or anything else?!
Not fond of cows……..
Do you have any foot care tips?
Fresh socks and cooling spray.
You’re doing the walk with your partner, do you have any other supporters cheering you on?
We’ll persuade a friend to do a certain amount of back up.
Would you say you’re looking forward to it?
Yes, I love a challenge.
Do you have a time in mind of how long it’ll take you to finish?
If we manage 100 it will take us well over 40 hours.
Do you have any advice for others, one top tip about long distance walking?
Break the distance down into manageable chunks…….you can always do another 5 miles.
What would you say to anyone thinking about entering the 100, or thinking about doing a 50 mile challenge event, who might be a bit nervous?
Do it, just do it. COVID allowing if anyone wants to join us they are welcome.