Las Vegas – High Roller Observation Wheel (Unlimited Drink)

This is the 170-metre tall Observation Wheel in Las Vegas, more formally known as the High Roller. It opened in 2014 and is the tallest ferris wheel in the world, as everything in Las Vegas has to be the biggest.

My visit here was back in 2015 and there were some special offers on, including a ticket which included a barman and unlimited drinks. So, I accidentally got that ticket.

There’s a little exhibition area to browse whilst waiting to board the wheel. There’s only one observation capsule that has the bar set-up, so there’s a different boarding process to the other capsules.

This is the set-up, a barman who was friendly and welcoming, all very fitting for the United States and Las Vegas.

The drinks set-up.

Back in 2015, I was going through a cider stage, although I’d add that I mean decent real ciders and not Strongbow or anything. I didn’t expect that they would have a stock of scrumpy type drinks in Las Vegas, but they did have this Angry Orchard and this was a more than suitable drink to start with.

I then switched to spirits….. The whole arrangement was all generous and well-managed, the barman was fast serving, personable and was clearly enjoying his work environment. I can think of worse places to be a barman. This meant that everyone had more drink available than they could realistically comfortably drink, unless they had a real ability to binge drink I suppose.


Some photos above of the wheel itself.


And some photos of the views. Unfortunately, the quality of these isn’t great as these were from my phone camera back in 2015 and Google Photos has squished the image a little.

As an observation wheel, it went smoothly and quickly, although perhaps the alcohol helped with that process. There were views over the entirety of Las Vegas, and into the desert beyond. There weren’t too many people in the capsule and everyone there was well mannered, so the environment was all rather amenable. Very lovely.