King’s Lynn – War Memorial

King’s Lynn war memorial was unveiled on 26 January 1921 by HRH Princess Mary and was dedicated by Bishop Suffragan of Thetford. The memorial was designed by Oswald Partridge-Milne (1881-1968) who was an architect that had a broad portfolio of work, he also designed the interior of Claridge’s Hotel and Sprowston Court in Norwich.

There are 563 names on the memorial commemorating those who lost their lives during the First World War, and the monument was later amended to mark those who died during the Second World War.

There was a little issue though discovered after HRH Princess Mary had unveiled the memorial, which was that Herbert Doy was surprised to find his name listed amongst the dead. His name was been reported as missing during the First World War and his safe return was overlooked when the memorial was being prepared. The town said that it would remove his name from the war memorial, although there’s no gap and so I’m unsure how they did this unless they prepared another bronze section.

Here’s a full list of the names on the memorial.