Isle of Wight Trip – Day 6 (Statistics)

This was the third Hike Norfolk long distance walking challenge, the first was in Hadrian’s Wall in 2017 and the second was the Ridgeway in 2018. The Isle of Wight Coastal path was shorter at 65 miles and the terrain was flatter, but we did do extra distances due to walking to hotels, restaurants and the occasional historical walking tour…..

Due to the slight ridiculously habit some of us have of not using any baggage transfer services, I’ve always recorded whether they were supported or unsupported completions of the path. Not that it matters, the main thing is getting round the path or just enjoying the taking part   🙂   There are never any last places in long distance walking (well there are, but not on these trips).


Gordon, Bev, Susanna, Julian and Liam


Susan, Clive, Ross, Richard, Katherine