Isle of Skye – Talisker Distillery Tour

It’s a few years since we went on the distillery tour, and I’m careful not to call it a brewery tour as I did keep referring to it as that, at Talisker on the Isle of Skye. I’m not really a whisky drinker, it’s a bit harsh for my very delicate palate, but I’m always willing to try alcoholic beverages.

Some barrels which were on the tour. On a side note, stout which has been aged in whisky (or whiskey if Irish rather than Scottish) barrels is some of the best going in my view.

After a tour of the facilities, which was genuinely interesting, it was time for a testing of the whisky. They gave us some old whisky, but apparently it can taste better with ageing.

Richard told Liam that it was a local distillery, although Liam questioned why there was Diageo branding on the walls….. I remember that some of the samples weren’t too bad, although some of us (primarily Liam and me) had no idea what the etiquette was about all this, and what the water was that went with it.

This is the whisky that we thought Richard should buy for his collection, it was priced at just £2,400.

This was the cheaper option that Richard went for.

But only after he decided that a distillery was a suitable working environment.

Pleased with his purchases, he chatted about them to a local.

All in all, it was a rather lovely tour, interesting enough even for those of us who aren’t whisky drinkers.