Ireland – The Dylan and Leon Report

And this page is the update for the two future travellers Dylan and Leon. There was a mat in the shop saying that Dylan was “athletic, strong and handsome”. There wasn’t one for Leon, so we had a think and thought of what it would say, and it was “brave, chatty and courageous”.

Steve playing football on the walk.

There were some big waves.

The very bravest person on the whole walk. Everyone agreed on that.


It’s that man from the canoeing!!!

So, this week we’re walking on the west coast of Ireland, which has big cliffs where the land meets the sea. There’s a blue dot to show where we are. The sea is the Atlantic Ocean, which also borders the United States! (where Donald Trump lives)

This was us at the beginning of the week, and it has rained a lot, so we got wet. I was very brave. Did I mention that?

We’ve done lots of walking on hills, but we’ve also been on the beach where I caught by some waves which came in really quickly.

Look at all the cheese!

In the evening we’ve had to eat in local pubs or had to make our own food as there aren’t any McDonald’s as it’s too remote…..

This is the new group mascot, a hedgehog called Hiki (I think that’s how they’re spelling it). Luckily they didn’t get a snake.

The border collie that we found, it was a bit like Scott’s! He was very friendly, but he chased cars.

There’s a few more days of walking and I’ll no doubt continue to be very brave! More news to follow  🙂