Ireland – Oranmore Former Catholic Church and Library

This church in Oranmore was built in 1803 for the local Roman Catholic congregation and the bellcote was added later in 1885. There had been a strong catholic community in the area for some centuries, even during the Penal Laws.

By the late twentieth century, the building was though too small for the congregation and it was also proving to be an expensive structure to maintain. A new Roman Catholic church was constructed between 1972 and 1974 and the font from this church was moved to the new building when it opened.

The old church was deconsecrated and fell out of use until the Church Restoration Committee offered to lease the building to Galway County Council. Renovations took place and the former church opened up as a library in 2001.

Photos of inside the library, which has been tastefully converted and which has retained numerous features from the original building. There are books on the balcony area, although this section was closed off to the public when we were there.

Buildings inevitably fall out of use, and this former church now has a new lease of life as a library and community centre. The graveyard has also been left intact and there are numerous graves around the exterior of the library building.