Haworth – Mill Hey Brew House

I was tempted into this venue by the name, as anything called a Brew House sounds suitable exciting and worth a visit.

I was a little disappointed at this point as there were no decent keg options although there were a couple of cask options, the Saltaire Blonde and the Chinook Blonde from Goose Eye Brewery.

It was spotlessly clean, although I don’t think that it had been burdened by many customers earlier on during the day.

The Chinook Blonde which is made in nearby Keighley and didn’t meet my expectations. The beer wasn’t good and I think was on the turn, but it remained just about drinkable for me not to send back. It was becoming evident why there were nearly no customers and an examination of their Untappd check-ins showed that there was rarely anything of particular note here in terms of the beer.

I’m not really sure what customer base this venue is hoping for, but it perhaps needs to rebrand a little and it’s hard to understand their motives as their web-site has been closed. I liked the friendliness of the service, but with no food being served and no beer of note, there’s little that I could say stood out for me here. I understand that beers were brewed here by Mill Hey brewery, but it looks like they’re no longer trading, or at least there’s nothing suggesting that they are. All really a bit bland.