Hardley – Hardley Cross

I’m pleased that Łukasz showed this monument to me today, which I’ve somehow managed to miss entirely although I’m sure that I’ve likely walked by it many times. It’s near to where the River Chet and the River Yare meet, but it’s more importantly the former boundary between Norwich and Great Yarmouth.

Once marking the end of Breydon Water, there have been numerous panels and inscriptions added to the cross, this one being from the 1899 repair. The base of the cross is likely medieval and probably dates to the fourteenth century, although repairs have been made in 1820, 1834, 1899 and 1971. There was a wooden cross added on top of the base in 1543, and likely before, with a stone version added in 1676 and that’s the one that is there today.

And the information sign. And it’s evident why this has survived, because it’s effectively in the middle of nowhere, although it is along the route of the Wherryman’s Way.