Hamburg – Tai Tan Restaurant

I was in the fish market area of the city where there are numerous seafood restaurants and so I managed to decide that this would be a highly suitable location to instead have a Thai meal…..

I’m not normally one for sitting outside, it’s usually too hot and there are random insects that come and attack me. But, when in Hamburg do as the people of Hamburg do…..

Singha, which is effectively the national beer of Thailand, which was nicely presented and, given the current heat in Hamburg, at the very appropriate chilled temperature. On that note, I hope it’s not this hot all week.

On to the matter of the service at the restaurant, which was attentive and friendly. The server appeared to be the manager, or at least if not they had a very attentive and interested staff member, who was able to serve all the tables efficiently and in an engaging manner. She spoke perfect English, which aided the ordering process somewhat, and was ever helpful.

This is the lunch-time chicken green curry. There were ingredients in that I didn’t recognise, so it wasn’t quite like any Thai green curry that I’ve had before. However, the taste was exceptional and there was a depth of flavour and spice to the sauce. The vegetables retained some bite and the chicken was tender and had taken on the taste of the sauce. The portion size was sufficient and there was rice included with the lunch-time deal.

The price for lunch, including the beer and curry with rice, was around £10, which I thought was perfectly acceptable. The restaurant had a modern decor and was spotlessly clean, with some of the best presented toilets that I’ve seen in a while.