Hamburg – HVV Ferry 62

The public transport system in Hamburg is mostly integrated under one ticket, including the trains, buses, rapid transit, underground and also the ferries. Since my daily public transport ticket, which costs just over £5, included the ferries I decided I might as well get on a ferry to have a little cruise around the harbour area.

The photo above is of the ferry after I had got off, it’s quite a large affair and there’s a downstairs and upstairs seating area. Ticketing on the Hamburg public transport system is on a honesty based system, so everyone is expected to have a ticket and there are no checks on boarding or departing. I’m sure that there are also frequent spot checks, but this strategy did make for a smoother boarding process.

The service that I went for was ferry service 62 and it takes around 35 minutes to get to its final destination of Finkenwerder, and there are several stops along the way. I didn’t get off the ferry until nearly back into the city centre, so my cruise lasted for just over an hour. A fair number of passengers didn’t get off either, so many were just using this as a cheap way of seeing the harbour area.

Below are some photos of the trip and it was pleasant to get some fresh air given just how hot it is in Hamburg.