Hamburg – Hamburger Kunsthalle (Bildelf by Georg Baselitz)

And another post in Julian’s seemingly endless photos of artworks of which he understands very little, but comments anyway.

This delicate little thing is called “paintingeleven” which isn’t the most revealing title. Painted in 1992 and purchased in 1997, this artwork is by Georg Baselitz who was born in 1938 and is still alive today. Wikipedia note that this artist “is seen as a revolutionary painter as he draws the viewer’s attention to his works by making them think and sparking their interest”. I can spend some time looking with my unexpert eye at a painting and try to put some meaning to it, but it’s fair to say that I didn’t understand this at all.

However, the Kunsthalle is prepared for this, and has made an huge effort to add narrative to artworks for those who want to get some understanding of them. So, Baselitz started in 1991 to paint large canvasses and the painting name is simply the order in which he created his works. I like that sense of order. The gallery seem to struggle from here, they describe the red and white fields on which two figures (the black lines) are painted. I’m not convinced, although apparently he painted them with his fingers. Anyway, from here the four green lines are dripped from a higher platform, with the paint transferred to them by Baselitz getting into a tub of green paint with his shoes on.

I still have no idea, although it occurs to me that this would fit into the Five Guys red and white background style….