Greggs – New Loyalty App

I’ve rather abandoned Greggs recently, lured away by Pret, and this appears to be the response (I don’t mean to just me, but to the current crisis of people not eating out) that they’ve made. It means a free coffee and potentially more free chicken bakes and sausage rolls. Not as generous as Pret, but getting there…..


Greggs Rewards is changing

Hi Julian,

We’ve got a shiny, brand-spanking new version of Greggs Rewards, and it’ll be live on your device on 3rd November.

So, what’s new about it?

You’ll now get stamps for EVERYTHING (well almost everything). In the classic version we only have 1 stamp card, for hot drinks. Now you’ll get 6 different stamp cards in your app*

Drinks – now for ALL drinks not just the hot ones; from your latte to your bottle of water
Sandwiches and Salads – toasties to baguettes
Sweet Treats – from doughnuts to cookies
Breakfast – bacon butties to croissants
Hot Food – a healthy soup, to wedges and chicken goujons
Savouries & Bakes – from our famous Vegan Sausage Roll, to a slice of pizza and more

The deal is ‘Buy 9 get your 10th for free’. Every time you buy a product you get a stamp. Collect 9 stamps and your next purchase in that category will be on us. Plus, you’ll still get your birthday treat and the odd little surprise.

What does this mean for you?

Your device

The new app is now available for Android users! We’ll do the magic in the background, just make sure you’re using the most up to date version of the app.

Your Rewards

As you switch between old to new, we will transfer any pre-paid top-up balance as well as any of those well-earned Rewards. When it comes to your stamps, we have wiped the slate clean and given you a free hot drink Reward to say thanks.