Greggs – Free Sweet Treat

I went to Greggs to belatedly collect my “free sweet treat” they sent me for my birthday. I’m so easily bought, I’ve pledged to myself to make an effort to visit Greggs even more in 2021….

It looks a little forlorn there, but the eclair was very lovely. As an irrelevant aside, M&S made a big thing of telling me in the summer about the birthday gift I could look forwards to. They’ve posted me a load of vouchers that are useless to me and then promptly forgot my birthday. I’ve decided M&S don’t think I’m wealthy enough for their shops, so I’ve deleted their M&S Sparks phone app in a childish form of retaliation  🙂   I don’t think that I was ever classy enough for M&S. Greggs aren’t as judgemental, for the many and not the few….