Great Yarmouth – St. Spyridon Church (St. Peter’s Church)

It has to be noted that the state of Anglican churches in Great Yarmouth isn’t what it was, with perhaps most of the energies in recent decades going into the Minster. This church was opened in 1831 as St. Peter’s Church, designed by JJ Scoles, who also designed the nearby St. Mary’s Church.

The church fell into disuse in the 1960s and it was given to the Greek community to use as an Orthodox church. It was fortunate for the building that a new use was found, as this was at a time when churches were often demolished if they had become redundant.

The building is currently being repaired and the process has been on-going for several years. English Heritage have helped with the funding, but it has also been a major financial challenge for the local congregation to raise money themselves to put towards the project. The first part of the work involved repairing the tower, which had become a danger given that bits were falling off of it, never an ideal situation…..