GeoGuessr – Starting Again…..

One of the little side projects that I greatly enjoyed was randomly selecting locations using GeoGuessr and then going to them. When Nathan and I were doing this, our rule was that we would use the United Kingdom map and then go to wherever the random location was in England or Wales. If it selected somewhere in Scotland, we would skip to the next round, but if we got Scotland again, we’d go as that was what fate was telling us.

Due to a new arrival, Nathan isn’t doing any more GeoGuessr adventures and so I’ve found some new willing (and probably unwilling and slightly sceptical, but there we go) participants as I can’t let this little project fade away. The joy is to try and tell a story of the journey to a location and be open to whatever experiences come along, and we had a fair few on the two trips we did make, the first to St. Osyth’s and the second to Rugeley. I will select a random location and will then have to pick someone who has the time to go there with me from my little panel of friends. What could possibly go wrong…..

I consider it bad luck to fix this adventure, so I have to go wherever it says. I have scrapped the third location that we had lined up for early 2020 (before Covid-19 hit), primarily as I can’t remember where it was and that’s not ideal. That means I have just selected a brand new location, and it’s above, click on the image to see it in more detail.

And, yes, that’s a bloody London Underground sign. I’m in London and I’ve managed to get a location in London. Fate is telling me something, although I don’t know what it is. I didn’t know where the location above was, and congratulations to anyone reading this who does know from just that image, but I was able to move about the map to find out. Given where it is, I might as well just do that tomorrow and I’ll try and add a craft beer bar in to the arrangement as well.

How exciting! (well I think it is)