GeoGuessr – St. Osyth (Red Lion)

This is part of the GEOGUESSR 1 series of posts.

Just before we visited the point that GeoGuessr had randomly given us some weeks before, there was time for a stop in the local pub. Notable to me for being a pub which the Time Team had sat in to deliberate their findings on the episode filmed in the town. The pub itself has some history to it, it’s over two hundred years old and it’s a sizeable building which still offers accommodation.

We sat at the rear of the pub, in what was primarily a dining area. It felt slightly old fashioned, but a modernisation wouldn’t have really suited the pub. It was though all clean and organised and the welcome at the bar was friendly and engaging. The pub was selling a house beer for £3 per pint and this was an acceptable choice for us.

The food was very much comfort food, lots of pies and I must admit that they sounded tempting. But, alas, they weren’t doing food when we were there. And we’d already been to the Indian restaurant around the corner.

I’m not sure I entirely liked that one entire room at the front of the pub was taken up with a pool table, but, if it works for them, that’s all to the good. The pub did have a community feel to it, in the most positive of ways, and it seems well reviewed by locals and visitors.

I liked the pub’s sign in the male toilets. Unfortunately, we didn’t see a lion nearby during our visit ( And neither of us suffered the misfortune that one of the locals succumbed to our visit, when they managed to fall down the step into the toilets (not literally into the toilet I’m pleased to report)….

So, we went onwards then to go and look for our GeoGuessr location….