GeoGuessr – Diss Railway Station

This is part of the GEOGUESSR 1 series of posts.

We’ve arrived safely into Diss, and haven’t had to endure a conductor humorously announcing that “Dis is Diss” which was only partly amusing the first time I heard it….

So, we went to sit in the waiting room. Since we were waiting for the train, so we thought that this was a good plan. The waiting room at Diss also has the female toilets in it (in a separate room, not actually in the centre of the waiting room).

Then some bloody interfering old woman thinks she needs to inform us that this is a waiting room with the female toilets. Which I confirm. She then seems to suggest that the entire waiting room is therefore only accessible to women. Much as this segregation was all the rage in the nineteenth century, I’m pleased to confirm that Greater Anglia haven’t installed separate facilities for men and women.

I tried to glare at her angrily, but Nathan was angrier as she had already barged him out of the way getting into the female waiting room. She left looking like she wanted to find something else to be grumpy about. I’m sure that she was successful.

Anyway, onto Ipswich now….