Gatwick Airport – No.1 Lounge (South Terminal)

I’ve written about the No. 1 Lounge at Gatwick before, but this was my second visit and I remain quite impressed by its offerings.

The welcome from the staff member was friendly and professional, and I was offered the same menu as I had been given on my visit in early February (by same menu I mean that the contents were the same, it wasn’t the exact menu I had before). I went for the fish finger wrap, a basic item which isn’t going to overly excite in terms of the portion size or its presentation, but it’s a handy snack. I still wonder though for someone paying full price to enter the lounge in the morning whether they’d be entirely satisfied with the one item they can order.

The main seating area in the lounge and there are power points below the seats which proved useful.

In addition to the single item from the cooked menu that’s available, there’s also a variety of other food to choose from and this is unlimited. The mini muffins and pastries are decent quality ones, with a selection of fruits and yoghurt. There were a couple of different cheeses available, but it was the cheddar cheese which pleased me greatly, a rich and mature flavour.

Everything in the lounge was clean and organised, although since I was the second person in, I’d have been surprised if it was all in a mess. The staff were visible and helpful, keeping the lounge clean and tidy, and I noted they were willing to help with a customer’s complex food allergens question. I was in the lounge for around 40 minutes before I decided to move on, but it’s a relaxing location in the morning to stay for longer.