Florence – Trams

There were trams in Florence from 1879 until 1958, then it was thought that they were no longer useful and that cars and buses would provide the alternatives. The service has though been brought back from 2010, with the T1 service which runs from Villa Costanza to Careggi. It’s the second line, T1, which openly recently, which is though perhaps the most useful to visitors to Florence, as it runs from the airport to just outside of the city centre.

The trams are easy to find when leaving the airport, with clear signage, and there’s a machine which accepts cards and cash to buy the tickets from. The trams leave on a regular basis and late into the evening, with the validation machines being easily visible and clear to understand. Richard did manage to miss his stop when he went back to the hotel on one, but they’re much easier than the previous option of getting a bus to the airport. And, these trams are just €1.50 for a 90-minute ticket, which allows users to get off onto another tram or bus as long as the journey is completed before the 90 minutes since validation are up.