Florence – Florence Airport (Aeroporti VIP Club Toscana)

I arrived into the lounge at Florence Airport aware that most people were leaving the airport as their flights had been cancelled. I was a few hours early arriving, but the member of lounge staff said that I was welcome to come in, but I should be aware that as things stood my flight was likely to be cancelled. There didn’t seem much point worrying, I checked that Accor had hotels in Florence available should I need them and then concentrated on exploring the lounge.

There were a range of different seating areas, with the lounge being nearly empty when I was there, although it got much busier later on.

I decided that I should pretend to be an executive and so I sat here.

The food selection, with pastries, sandwiches, cakes and the like, but it was the doughnuts that were the most exciting. I checked all of the flavours, there were four, several times. There was briefly some hot food brought out in the form of pasta, but this didn’t last long and wasn’t replaced.

There were sandwiches, salads and fruit boxes in the fridges, with the salad being fresh and the cheese was rather moreish.

There were two different beers, although they tasted the same to me, just generic and nearly tasteless Italian lager. I didn’t explore the wine selection, but I overheard others saying it tasted of a decent quality.

There were also coffees and fruit juices, along with a fridge full of canned drinks such as Coke, Fanta and also some energy drinks.

And some sweets.

The lounge was clean throughout and there were books, newspapers and magazines to read. The staff went around relatively regularly collecting empty plates and glasses, whilst there were also plenty of power sockets available to use. There were numerous screens displaying flight information and there were toilets inside the lounge complex. All told, this was an above average lounge with plenty of choice of food and drink, although it did seem to be nearly full at one stage so it might be more problematic during busier times of the year for the airport.