Florence – Amorino

After a busy morning of touring museums and galleries, it was time for an ice cream. Amorino is very well reviewed and centrally located, so seemed a sensible choice.

I had thought that the cafe might be quite busy. But it wasn’t. This is one of the joys of travelling out of season, comfort is far more likely to be assured.

The range of ice cream flavours, with many tempting options laid out in front of me.

For a little extra money, they put a macaron on top, in this case a pistachio one. The three ice cream flavours that I went for were black cherry, lemon and the lime & basil. The latter was one of the more unusual ice cream options that I’ve tried, but the combination worked well. It wasn’t the cheapest ice cream, costing getting on for £5, but it wasn’t an unreasonable price compared to other similar locations. And the quality was reasonably high, with the environment also being clean and comfortable. Perhaps my only complaint is that the richness of taste of the ice cream wasn’t as good as some other shops, but it was still pleasant enough.