Flixbus Coming to UK

It’s fair to say that Flixbus (above photo is of their coach which took me from Torun to Warsaw a few months ago) for some time considerably annoyed me, managing to leave from the wrong coach stop at the wrong time with coaches that rarely worked properly. Much of this is because they partnered with coach companies across Europe who were of varying quality, but my more recent trips have been much better. I now like them and feel reassured by them.

But, anyway, the company have now announced that they’re coming to the UK and this is likely bad news for National Express and Megabus. Although it’s probably more devastating for National Express, who have been charging ridiculous fares on some routes for years because they could and stinging passengers with little extra costs all over the place.

Anyway, Flixbus are starting from routes to and from London, but will likely expand. They are also experienced in running open access rail networks in the European Union, and they will probably make public transport better integrated. All told, it’s all good news for passengers and might kick National Express into focusing a little more on customer service.