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Fasthosts – Quite Marvellous

And, in a break from my usual blog posts, just a big thanks to Fasthosts for their help in fixing another web-site I run (http://www.ukpol.co.uk/), which managed to collapse yesterday. Even in what we might now call more normal times, I’m not sure that I’d expect a hosting company to fix broken WordPress web-sites late at night, especially when I manage to break them again, requiring another fix. But, even with this virus, Fasthosts have gone above and beyond and fixed the problem, so that the web-site is working again.

This isn’t an affiliate link, and I can’t imagine more than about fifty people will ever read this, but for anyone who wants web hosting, I’ve used Fasthosts for the best part of a decade and they’ve yet to let me down. They’re at http://www.fasthosts.co.uk/.