Dublin – Porterhouse Central

Porterhouse is a small international chain with four bars in Dublin (of which I’ve been to three), one in London and one in New York. There’s also a Porterhouse Bar in Gorleston, which fortunately is not part of the chain. This outlet has had numerous incarnations over the last century, as Kidds bar, Jammets fine dining restaurant, a Berni Inn and as a Judge Roy Beans.

My visit to the pub was in January 2018 and it’s fair to say that it wasn’t particularly busy. The service was typically Irish which is to say it was conversational, friendly and engaging. The customer base seemed to be a mix of locals and Americans, but it was all rather convivial.

There’s a wide range of beers at every Porterhouse outlet and also a food menu. I didn’t eat anything on this visit, although I know from previous experience of this chain that their fish and chips is quite marvellous. The beer list has hundreds of beers from around the world, although I’m entirely satisfied that they have four or five of their own stouts on draught.

The Oyster Stout which actually does contain oysters to try and make the beer a little sweeter. I quite like this as a light drink, despite its colour and ABV of 4.6% perhaps suggesting otherwise, with no strong aftertastes.

Given the central location of this bar the prices are reasonable and it has plenty of character. The owners say that this is perhaps the longest bar in Dublin and it’s certainly a large location which seems easily able to cater for most size groups.