Dublin – Dublin Zoo

And another post of mostly photos….. I have been to Dublin Zoo before, but it was years ago and I’ve forgotten most of it. We pre-purchased tickets on-line so that Liam and I could explore the site and were a little disappointed to find out on arrival that all of the indoor areas were closed. That meant no snakes….

There’s a one-way system in place around the zoo so it isn’t possible to double back at all to see any animals that might initially be hiding. Liam and I were getting pre-annoyed at this (well, I was, Liam seems to be nearly impossible to annoy) as I was thinking we might have paid an admission fee to see a pheasant, a zebra and a cow. I accept that zebras are lovely, but I wanted some variety to the proceedings.

Fortunately, we weren’t disappointed and it took us three hours to meander around the zoo’s sort of clearly laid out one-way system. There was very little we felt that we didn’t see, just snakes and the hippos, but that’s not bad in the circumstances. The highlights were the gorilla sitting just a short distance away, the wolf that I think liked me (I wanted to keep him) and the chimps that were playing on their island. There were also lots of light decorations around the park which must have cost a fortune, but added to the spectacle somewhat and would look spectacular at night.

So, a very enjoyable way to spend a few hours and we were pleased that we went. The zoo does lots for conservation and they’re proud of their work, which is described on numerous boards around the site. The one-way system was just slightly confusing in places, but not so much as to become annoying. The zoo seemed to have balanced quite well having sufficient visitors to make money whilst not overloading the park making it difficult to see anything.

[I’ve moved the photos from this post to https://www.flickr.com/photos/julianwhite-uk/albums/72177720301148312]