Chengdu – New Century Global Center

When I was in Chengdu, back in 2014, I thought it would a good idea to get the Metro to go and see what was the largest building in the world in terms of floor space.

This was my view when I got off the Metro, a building so big that it was almost impossible to photograph it in one go. I’ve never seen anything so substantial before, a crazy piece of commercialism.

It’s a sprawling building, with 18 million square feet of floor space.


This is the mall’s official photo, they probably had to go back about half a mile to take this and get the whole building in.

Some photos of the interior, which I remember wasn’t all finished when I went. It also wasn’t particularly busy and many shops weren’t let. There are two 1,000 room hotels at the shopping mall, as well as a water park, ice-skating rink and cinema. But, although it may have felt just a bit too big, it was nonetheless still quite marvellous to see the largest shopping mall in the world and I did enjoy my Subway experience here.