Chengdu – Airportsecuritygate

After the excitement of getting to the airport, I was pleased to have arrived safely. After checking my bag in, I went through security and I was pleased with how marvellously this was going. Until I’m around thirty seconds into the airside part of the terminal having cleared security and I hear a “stop” being shouted very loudly. I turn round, wondering which idiot has caused a disturbance, and then realise that a tall Chinese member of security staff is running towards me at some considerable pace.

At this point, I wonder whether they’ve realised that I might not have entirely followed the rules on road crossing as a pedestrian, and wonder what other little local cultural faux pas I’ve managed to make. The fact that the security man charging towards me has a gun also doesn’t fill me with delight and I decide that I’ll just stay standing where I am to avoid panicking the armed man.

Just as I expect to be arrested, the security man smiles and with both hands he hands me a passport. I wondered initially what I’m supposed to do with this passport I’ve been given, until I realise that it’s mine and that I’d left it at the security area.

An idiot abroad….