Chelmsford – Ale House

Back to Good Beer Guide pubs, the Ale House is located near to the railway station and has some excellent reviews. I got a bit confused as to whether I was meant to wait outside or go in, but on trying the door it was locked, so I worked out that I was meant to wait outside. Until a staff member opened the other half of the door, so I suspect I looked like an idiot standing outside. The staff member didn’t say anything though, I like when they pretend not to notice stupidity….

The beer list which is also helpfully on Untappd, so I had seen what the pub had to offer before arriving. A nicely balanced selection with plenty of different beer and cider types.

And there were cans and bottles for those who preferred, with some very tempting options there.

A wall display.

The bar is in railway arches and if someone had somehow missed that, they’d soon know from the trains thundering by overhead. I liked it, it all added character.

This is the De La Creme from Mad Squirrel Brewery which didn’t quite have the richness of taste that I had anticipated, although it was a perfectly good milk stout. I think that the De La Nut from the same brewery, which I haven’t tried, might have a little more depth to it.

The service here was personable, attentive and welcoming, a friendly atmosphere. The staff were carefully following all the required rules and it was a comfortable and clean environment. Some very tempting options and if I didn’t have other pubs to explore then I’d have tried a few more beers here. My favourite pub in Norwich is the Artichoke and this is pretty similar, with many of the can options being those I’ve seen in the Artichoke.