Camping – Day 1 (Wardlow – Yondermann Cafe)

So, Jonathan and Steve had their fancy porridge pots in the morning, whereas Richard and I didn’t have anything. Richard demanded breakfast, so off we shot at 07:50 to get to the Yondermann Cafe at 08:00 just as it opened. This was probably a good thing as not only were we the first people there, it also started to get busy and I was able to get the table nearest to the plug socket. Some things in life are the most important.

The staff seemed pleased and welcoming to discover we were there just as they were opening up, just the kind of friendly first impression that’s so refreshing to see in the morning. And since I’d already been up hours, refreshing seemed sensible. Richard was very impressed with the selection, so what with him happy at the food choices and me happy at the power situation, life seemed complete. Oh, Jonathan and Steve were just happy that we were happy, it’s nice when people are like that, very selfless.

The cake selection.

I had the small Yondermann breakfast, which came with a filter coffee. Reasonably priced, and brought over promptly, it was cleanly presented. The quality of the ingredients was high and even the black pudding, something which I’m rather delicate over as blood is not one of my most favourite things, was pleasant tasting. The sausage was a little small, but had a richness of flavour, the bacon didn’t have much fat on and was nicely salted, the egg was cooked perfectly so I could dip the bread into it and the tomatoes were from a tin and just as I like them. I’m not sure about oatcakes as part of the breakfast, but this was as good tasting as I think they come and it soaked up some of the beans and tomato juices. All entirely satisfactory as far as I was concerned, a very useful way to start the day. The bread was unexciting and the spread seemed a bit margariney rather than buttery, but you can’t have everything.

This photo was taken just as I sat down to plug my phone in, but it didn’t stay like this for long. Everything was clean and the whole social distancing situation was being well managed.

I’m not entirely sure that this sign in their car park was as absolutely clear in its message as it could have been.

Overall, this was all rather lovely and I was content with my choice. We always felt welcome, we were never rushed, the food and drink was all suitably hot and the environment was clean. There was a bit of a motor-biker feel to the cafe, so I assume that they get a passing trade from them, as well as from the nearby campsite (nor the one that we’re at). The cafe is well-reviewed and