Camping – Day 1 (Eyam – St. Lawrence’s Church – George Palfreyman)

This is the grave of George Palfreyman in St. Lawrence’s Church in Eyam. George was born in Monyash, a village near Bakewell, on 1 June 1759, the son of Thomas and Mary Palfreyman. George also married a lady with the name Mary, although I can’t find out where that happened, but there is a marriage in Sheffield between a George Palfreyman and a Mary, but the birth-dates don’t match. He died on 29 March 1825 at the age of 67 (which again doesn’t quite match with being born in 1759, so I may have got something wrong here), being buried on 1 April 1825.

The gravestone also notes the burial of Peter Palfreyman, the son of George and Mary, who died on 29 January 1797 aged just 12 years old and Peter had been baptised in the church on 28 August 1785. Mary was also buried in this plot following her death in October 1828, aged 72. The Palfreyman family had come to Eyam after the plague issue of the late seventeenth century.

If anyone from the descendants of the Palfreyman family knows anything else, that’d be most welcome.